Cancellation Agreement

Cancellation & Return Stipulations

SPA (Selling and Purchase Agreement)


TTG TOURISM ELECTRONIC CONSTRUCTION AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY (Hereinafter referred to as TRANIGO.COM) will be referred to as AGENCY and who requests to purchase the Agency’s service will be referred to as CONSUMER.


1-) Hereby this contract organized by the Agency is for the consumer who wants to purchase the tours, organizations, transfers, hotel reservations, and all the services offered for sale, covers the arrangement of services and conditions between the Consumer and the Agency.

2-) The only interlocutor of the Agency is who signs the contract whether online or at the agency’s office, and/or whose signature is not on the contract but participates in the hereby this contract’s service will be referred to as the Consumer in the name of those travel with him/her. Even if these people did not sign the contract, they are assumed to have learned the terms of the hereby this contract which will be valid by the parties, from the relevant Consumer or the Agency’s brochure, website, or advertisement, and accepts the services offered for sale under these terms.

3-) The information given to this person regarding this programme is assumed to be given to another consumers as well.

3- Payments

1-) Sales are paid by cash or conracted bank’s credit card with one shot, cash and/or on easy terms with the contracted bank’s credit card .

2-) When registering for the programs announced by the Agency, the total amount or the aforesaid deposit is paid by credit card, EFT, or cash.

3-) ‘’The Pre-reservation'’ fee is collected during the registration of the deposit payments. The total amount must be paid 1-day latest after the start of the trip. In case of not paying the fees at the aforementioned time, the reservation will be cancelled. In this case, the 35% of the program fee will be refunded to the consumer as the forfeit money. As the deposit which was taken during the final reservation before selling the program was taken as the guarantee fee for the program participation, there is no refund if the consumer does not pay the remaining fee.

4- Cancellation – Abdication – Changes

1-) Agency has the right to cancel the announced or registrated program partially or totally until 7 days before the start of the program; if there is not enough participant for the program and/or when it’s deemed necessary. The consumer has the right to take the refund of the total fee. In case of this, the consumer does not have any right to compensation.

2-) In case the consumer cancels or abdicates their registration within 3 days until the start of the program, the total fee will be refunded. Since the tickets are purchased as the group ticket for the plane, train, and boat-related tours, excuses after cancellations after registration are not valid, and there will be no refund for the plane, train, and boat tickets.  Cancellation and refund conditions of the carrier company are valid for the plane, train, or boat tickets.

3-) In case the trip is cancelled by the consumer or the related consulate did not give a visa, then all the expenses for the visa will be collected by the consumer.

4-) Consumer accepts and undertakes to pay 35% of the fee if he/she requests to cancel-change the reservation for any reason 24- 48 hours before the start of the program, and accepts to pay the total fee in case of cancellation made less than 24 hours to the Agency.

5-) Name changes cannot be made on scheduled flights. If the consumer loses his travel documents, he is obliged to pay the penalty imposed by the relevant air, rail, and sea route.

6-) If the consumer does not inform in writing that he/she will participate in the program that he/she missed the beginning, the Agency has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours after the start of the program. There is no refund paid to the consumer in this sort of cancellations.

7-) In case of cancellations made by either the consumer or the agency, cancellation and refund transactions are carried out in the same way as the currency and payment method, based on the exchange rate on the date of purchase.

5- General Terms

1-) The Agency has the right to change the hotel names, transportation vehicles,and departure times  of the program while following the ‘’aforementioned standards’’.

2-) The Agency cannot hold responsible if written programs that were given during the registration are samples. In case the tour stated in the program could have not been made due to fire, earthquake, the act of God, terror, not having the permission by the local authorities, etc.

3-) The consumer accepts that the program requirements have been fulfilled if the overnight stay period in the program isn’t shortened, and the classes and categories of the facilities to be stayed are not changed.

4-) The Agency cannot be held responsible for the problems like strikes, delays, etc. that may occur at the airlines.

5-) Since all the arrangements for the charter flights are subject to the international aviation rules, all sorts of time changes can be made with Varşova Convention airlines for these flights. Departure time cannot be guaranteed. The carrier may change the stops mentioned on the tickets or may not stop. Since the flight hours are finalized 48 hours before, the hours specified during the sale are probable hours and the Agency cannot be held responsible for changes in these matters.

6-) Cancellation and refund requests cannot be accepted due to these reasons arising from air, rail and sea carriers.

7-) If the Agency is requested to follow the visa procedures; The consumer must have a passport valid for at least "seven months" and submit it to the Agency within the framework of the documents and time period determined by the relevant consulate. In visa transactions, the AGENT acts as an intermediary between the Consumer and the consulate, and is not responsible for not obtaining it. In case the visa is not approved by the consulate, the cancellation conditions stated above will apply.

8-) Compulsory travel insurance for package tours must be made by the Agency for each participant. The scope of the coverage for deficient or defective performance, damage, harm, and loss included in this travel insurance package is determined by the policy of the insurance company providing this service. The agency does not bear any responsibility for the content, scope, and application of these guarantees.

9-) In case the consumer leaves the program wagering that the service is defective, he/she must indicate in writing to the agency representative and the hotel where he,/she is staying, together with the reasons. Otherwise, the consumer is deemed to have left the program and is deemed to have received and used the service.

10-) It is the duty of care of the bona fide consumer to notify the agency in writing of the issues that the consumer complains about during the performance of the services. In case the consumer uses the service until the end of it, despite the complaint, eliminates the right to compensation such as replacement service and refund for the issues he/she complains about.

11-) Guidance services are valid for the places specified within the scope of the program. Agency, tour leader, and guide; is not responsible for guiding the bazaar, market, and shopping transactions.

12-) The Agency is obligated to report all the changes within 24 hours as an interlocutor for the consumers who have participated in the program, hotel and carrier firms, and all third parties and legal personalities that provide other services related to the program content. The Agency cannot be held responsible for these problems that may occur due to the intermediaries are not at the point of departure at the times shown in their programs, any delays and breakdowns of land, air, and sea vehicles, changes of road routes due to fog, storm, snowstorm and all kinds of weather conditions, the fault of the user of the transportation vehicle or the personal faults of third parties or unforeseen technical issues may occur due to road obstacles, strikes, terrorism, war, the possibility of war, all kinds of disruptions, material, and moral damages, incomplete or faulty services of accommodation facilities due to similar force majeure reasons, due to the fact that it is not the operator in this contract which was made between the consumers who registered for the program, travel agency, and the carrier organizations.

13-) In travels made by plane, train, or boat, the increase in these transportation vehicles is added to the announced travel fees at the same rate.

14-) The Agency conveys the demands of the consumers regarding the room selection in the accommodation facilities to the relevant facility; however, it cannot guarantee that the request will be fulfilled. The beds to be given to the third and fourth persons staying in the same room are extra beds and may be smaller than the existing beds.

15-) Rooms are not delivered to consumers before 14:00 on the day of arrival at the hotel. On the day of departure from the hotel, consumers must vacate their rooms by 12:00 at the latest.

16-) Smelly, flowing, flammable or explosive items, cutting, piercing and firearms and all kinds of animals are not allowed in either vehicles and accommodation facilities.

17-) 1618 SY, 4077 SY, 4288 SY, 2634 SY, IATA, IHA, UFTAA Convention provisions, Civil Aviation Law, UK, TTK, International agreements Turkey participated and related statutes, regulations, circulars, which are not written in this contract and communiqués and the provisions of the internationally accepted Frankfurter Tabelle's TÜRSAB Kütahya Schedule, which is applicable in Turkey.

18-) In case of incompatibilities, the TURSAB Board of Arbitration will be in charge and its procedures are valid.

19-) The consumer is responsible for the truth of the names written in the contract ( as in the passport). In case there is a difference between the Consumer’s copy and the Agency’s copy, the Agency’s copy will be based on.

20-) Hereby this ‘’ sale contract’’ made by the parties as 2 (two) copies has been arranged, read, controlled, and accepted by the party officers. Parties accept and undertake the promises and deeds that they have accepted mutually by signing them. Consumer accepts and undertakes that all legal responsibilities belong to the person who will participate in the program and who accepts hereby this package for whose names are written on the contract and signed for them as the interlocutor.

21-) The consumer who registers online will be considered as he/she has read the contract and accepts all conditions.